SERVICES offered weekly or bi-weekly

A detailed report will be sent to you at the completion of each inspection displaying the condition of your property, the date, and time the inspection was completed.

We offer and highly recommend 2 to 4 inspections per month. Too many things can happen in thirty days and will only compound an issue in your home if left unattended. We communicate directly with you, the homeowner, utilizing an easy to read inspection report of your home’s status.

Our job is to visually inspect your home or property for obvious issues. If an emergency situation or critical abnormality is detected in your home or property, action will be taken to safely stop or control further damage where possible. A direct phone call or e-mail will be made to inform you of any damages that may have occurred and discuss a plan if further action is required.


If you do not see what you are looking for, please ask! We will do our best to accommodate your needs where possible.